Our unique portfolio comprises high-performance power supplies as well as fully integrated plug-in-play solutions for laser control. We are able to adapt the features and functions of our products to your exact needs and create the best solution for your individual application.


Power supplies for system integration

The housing of these ultra-compact devices is smaller than a paper-back book and they produce power ranging up to 18 kW. In the various housings, laser diode bars are powered by up to 350A CW or 800A in pulse mode. For single emitter laser diodes they supply appropriately high-resolution currents at up to 80V. Tailor made and OEM versions can easily be set up.

  • Ultra-compact housing
  • Flexible configuration for multiple voltage or current ranges
  • Efficiency of up to 97 %
  • Fit for the digital age of Industry 4.0
  • Air, water or conductive cooling
  • Performance Level „e“ (PL e) according to safety standard EN ISO 13849

FE400/FE100 Power Frontends

Safe and reliable AC/DC power supplies

The FE400/FE100 series delivers DC output power within a range up to 10 kW. An integrated auxiliary
supply and redundant enable lines make them well-suited to feed DC/DC supplies like the AMTRON CM100 power supply modules series.

  • 19-inch table top (FE400) or compact housing variants (FE100)
  • integrated auxiliary supply 24V
  • max. number of parallel outputs: 6
  • air or water cooling (depending on output power)

CS400 Laser Diode ControllerS

Power supplies with process control

CS400 series devices supply constant current at up to 300A and pulsed current at up to 2000A with a pulse width as of 10 μs. With innovative functions such as broken fiber detection and power regulation, these devices monitor and protect the complete processing procedure of CW and pulse lasers.

  • Current, power & temperature regulation for diode lasers
  • Current rise time 5 µs – 100 µs
  • 19“ or compact housing
  • Ultra low-noise output power
  • Water or air cooling
  • TEC control with polarity reversal
  • For bars and single emitter lasers

LS400 Laser diode systems

Plug’n’play solution for laser processing

The LS series devices integrate the laser diodes from renowned manufacturers in user-friendly systems for the direct machining of materials or as intelligent pumps for solid-state lasers. TEC air
cooling (TEC – Thermo Electric Cooling) enables the laser temperature to be regulated precisely and is maintenance free.

  • Direct machining of plastics and metals
  • Intelligent pumps for solid-state lasers (e.g. for inscription)
  • Water cooling, TEC control with polarity reversal
  • Wavelengths from 450nm to 1940nm
  • Power up to 300 W, pulse duration 10 μs to cw

SE200 / SE400 high speed pyrometers

Fast laser process control with digital precision

The AMTRON Pyrometer series SE200 and SE400 offer highest measurement speed and noise immunity even at low process temperatures. Their PY100 and PY200 series sensors contain the complete analog-to-digital signal conversion and an integrated flash memory for parameters. Compact control units (series CU100-CU500) are available with many different interface options.Highlights are the simultaneous processing of up to 15 sensors and the interfacing to galvanometer scanheads for exact positon readout.

  • Suitable for plastic welding, soldering, hardening, selective laser melting
  • Closed loop control or logging of process temperature or radiation
  • Detection rate up to 100kHz (depending on detection wavelength)
  • Direct digital link to CS400 series (SE200)
  • Spatially resolved data acquisition in combination with either multiple pyrometers or galvanometer scanhead
  • Robust signal transmission without the need of fiber cables (up to 20m)
  • For stationary and hand-guided laser heads

CS120 LASER DIODE controller

Easy entry into high-performance laser control

The CS120 series combines a wide range of output power levels with simple and safe control in a compact 19-inch package. Based on AMTRON‘s proven CM100 switching regulator technology, it combines high efficiency with low acquisition costs.

  • Particularly cost-efficient and powerful current driver in 19“-format
  • Performance classes up to 10kW / 400A
  • Outstanding efficiency of typ. 90?%
  • Performance level “e” (PL e) according to safety standard EN ISO 13849
  • Fully updatable for future features
  • Convenient access via web interface in modern design with customizable layout

PM200 Power sensors

Power regulation directly at the point of processing

The power sensor PM200 takes measurements directly at the processing point. It measures power, the momentary temperature and, by providing feedback to the laser diode controller, it enables precise control of the current for constant processing performance.

  • Regular monitoring of laser power in combination with the CS400 series
  • Automatic adjustment of laser current for regulation of processing performance
  • Storage of all parameters directly in the power sensor; no PC required
  • Direct measurement at the point of processing
  • Small size for easy machine integration

CU190 Process controller

Regulation and control of laser processing

The process controller CU190 stands out with its fast power modulation, which makes it ideal for regulating and controlling the processes be­tween the system and the laser. The device offers a range of connections via different fieldbus systems. The process controller uses various input parameters such as feedrate, external sensors or trigger/gate to calculate and control the analog and digital laser power. The control unit modulates the amplitude, pulse width, or frequencies with fast cycle times of 1μs. In contrast to conventional system controllers, the CU190 process controller offers fully customizable laser control, which easily integrates into existing processes.

  • Integrated controller for the regulation of process signals
  • Storable processing recipes
  • Customizable laser control
  • Connection to Profibus, ProfiNET or CAN-Bus
  • Optional remote maintenance via a web interface


Ready-to-go control systems for demanding tasks

  • Integration into rack cabinets or dedicated mechanical infrastructure
  • Mains power distribution, laser diode controllers, monitoring units, temperature management, safety management, control software
  • Example: Power supply to 54 synchronously pulsed diode stacks with up to 600 A pulsed current with 10 Hz and an overall power of 100 joules
  • Example: Up to 176 controller units with diode-stack monitoring. Control of all AMTRON devices via a common user interface

Burn-in / long-term characteristics

Multi-parameter monitoring for maximum security

  • Measurement and recording of laser power, electrical diode characteristics (current, voltage), temperature, water flow and cooling, etc.
  • Process control
  • For bar or single emitter based laser diodes
  • Operation in CW and pulse mode; all measurements pulse-synchronous
  • Logging and storage of measured values and operating parameters
  • Automatic control without PC
  • Number of test stations individually scalable

Software for laser processing systems

Smart solutions designed for specific needs

Along with the standard products, AMTRON also supplies customized systems for demanding tasks in laser processing. These all-round solutions include the adaptation of the software to the system at hand. AMTRON software manages, for example, burn-in systems or equipment for the long-term laser diode testing whereby a number of diode bars or single emitters can be controlled.

  • Implementation in NI Labview or Microsoft MFC
  • Control of complete processing systems including additional components such as coolers, trigger generators, safety equipment, etc.
  • Control of all AMTRON devices via a common user interface