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SE 200 series pyrometer

Process control with digital precision

In many laser applications the exact regulation of different process parameters is important for manufacturing high quality products. Particularly when cutting, welding and bonding synthetic materials, incorrect energy levels can lead to defective results.

The main issue of the pyrometer series is the laser head interface which provides the connection to the AMTRON controller and four interfaces for connecting sensors, laser head components or pilot lasers. With this integration, the process regulation, monitoring, control functions and the 24 V power supply are provided via just one cable. The shutter can be controlled when using a stationary system, for example, or the switches and warning lights can be placed directly on the laser head for mobile hand-guided systems. Relevant parameters such as the calibration values or the laser head serial number are directly stored in the laser head interface.

The power sensor monitors the true effective laser power during processing. This is important as a faulty fiber can cause the laser power to vary from the output power of the laser diode.

The pyrometer sensor detects the process temperature and provides the regulation of the laser power depending on the material and processing speed. When operating with hand-guided laser heads, the user can easily optimize the feed rate with the help of an LED bar-chart display. In combination with an LS 400 series laser diode system the laser diodes are integrated already. You only need your application-specific laser head for processing! 

Type Laser head interface Pyrometer sensor Power sensor Internal storage Digital in and outputs LED bar-chart display
SE 242 x x - x - -
SE 252 x x x x x -
SE 262 x x x x x x
SE 250 x - - x x -