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LS 400 series laser diode system

The plug'n'play solution for laser processing

The new LS series devices from AMTRON build on the successes of the renowned diode controllers and now also integrate the laser diodes in user-friendly systems for the direct machining of materials or as intelligent pumps for YAG lasers. When integrated in existing plant, the passive water cooling of the 19" models saves the coolers from high demands. Alternatively available is Peltier air cooling (TEC, Thermo Electric Cooling) which unites controller, laser and cooler in a compact combined housing and enables the specific regulation of laser temperature.

The integrated construction makes the AMTRON laser systems particularly easy to operate. The machining of materials with laser beams is now feasible for small-series manufacturing, for repairs, or for mobile deployment at the customer's. These lasers get right to the point with the necessary energy when welding, bonding, soldering and hardening plastics and fine metals, and reduce the deformation of surrounding areas from heat. With the appropriate cooling, laser powers of up to 200 W can be achieved.

AMTRON laser systems from AMTRON (available either as 19" models or in a compact housing) provide wave lengths of 808, 940 or 980 nm. The internally regulated Peltier cooling reliably prevents temperature-related wavelength drift. With dual-Peltier cooling, two laser-diodes are regulated separately. The system is ideal for application as a pump source thanks to the integrated output for the electro-optical quality switch.

Type CW Pulse Housing Laser
Cooling Control panel
LS 402 x x 19" 200W - water -
LS 412 x x 19" 50W - water x
LS 413 x x 19" 30W - Peltier x
LS 446P   x compact 50W x dual-Peltier -
LS 453 x x compact 50W - Peltier -