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CS 400 series laser diode controllers

Power supplies with extensive process controls for diode lasers

The successful and safe operation of diode lasers for demanding applications—when welding plastics or soldering fi ne metals, for example—demands a high degree of process control.

For highly dynamic processes in particular, or when working with short pulses, the input current for the high-power laser must constantly remain within very tight tolerances in order to protect the sensitive laser diodes from damage through unregulated current peaks.

Laser controllers from AMTRON offer more than just constant current: By integrating the relevant processing information within the laser equipment, AMTRON solutions enable high power diode lasers to be operated simply and safely.

The CS 400 series of devices supply constant current at up to 100 A and pulsed current at up to 150 A with a pulse width of 100 μs. With innovative functions such as broken fiber detection and power control, these devices monitor and protect the complete processing procedure of CW and pulse lasers.

These compact devices can be integrated in 19” cabinets and take up just 2 height units. The numerous interfaces to the PLC via CAN bus or RS232 allow the CS 400 to be smoothly integrated into industrial environments.

The devices are conveniently operated—without PC—directly via the display and the control elements on the front. Alternatively, an external control unit (AMTRON Remote Terminal RT 400) or suitable PC software can be used instead.

Type CW Pulse Controller Power
PLC and other Interfaces Control panel
CS 401 x x x 1 - -
CS 402 x x x 1 x -
CS 404P   x x 1 - -
CS 411 x x x 1 - x
CS 412 x x x 1 x x
CU 411 x x x - - x
CU 412 x x x - x x
PU 401 x x - 1 - -
CS 405 x x x 2 x -
PU 405 x x - 2 - -