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LS 412: Compact laser processing system in 19" housing

The LS 412 is a compact unit combining a laser-diode controller and processing laser which supplies laser powers of up to 700 W at a wavelength of 808, 940 or 980 nm. The LS 412 simply plugs in to the electricity supply, and a suitable (optical) fiber forms the connection to the laser head [more].

The paper-back format that packs 7 kW: Laser-diode controller CM100

The housing of these ultra-compact devices is smaller than a paper-back book and they produce power ranging up to 7 kW. In the various housings, laser diode bars are powered by up to 250A CW or 800A in pulse mode.
For single emitter laser diodes they supply appropriately high-resolution currents at up to 80V. CM100 devices are available as air-cooled models or with integrated water cooling.

Compact laser system LS 453

The LS 453 is a device of the LS 400 serie from AMTRON. The LS series devices integrate the laser diodes from renowned manufacturers in user-friendly systems for the direct machining of materials or as intelligent pumps for solid-state lasers. TEC air cooling (TEC Thermo Electric Cooling) enables the laser temperature to be regulated precisely and is maintenance free. [more]

High-current pulser CS 400 with 30kW pulse power

CS400 series devices supply constant current at up to 300 A and pulsed current at up to 2000 A with a pulse width as of 10 μs. With innovative functions such as broken fiber detection and power regulation, these devices monitor and protect the complete processing procedure of CW and pulse lasers. [more]

Compact power meter system PC 200

At the Laser World of Photonics China 2008 in Shanghai on March 18 20, 2008 Amtron presents the PC 200 series, a new power meter system for simple and continuous monitoring of laser power directly at the point of processing [more].