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Ultra-compact laser-diode controller CM100 of the 2. Generation

These mini controllers are suitable for a variety of applications in research and industry, where diode lasers have to be powered by high-quality power supplies. Due to its extremely compact design and the eschewal of line voltage, the CM100 controller module can be placed much closer to the diode lasers than conventional power supplies: AC power supply (frontend) and current control (backend) are separate units that can be independently positioned and operated according to the processing requirements.

Power sources suitable for the controller are available as accessories from Amtron. A variety of models is on offer with power sources ranging from 24 V to 100 V for different applications. When operated with instruments and devices that already have a suitable AC/DC power source, the CM100 controller module uses the available DC voltage (e. g. 48 V) to provide a perfectly regulated current for the laser diodes. This technology allows a single laser controller to be applied to a variety of tasks.

The integrated Ethernet interface allows the configuration of the limiting current and the read-out of operating data over the local network or by a directly connected service notebook: A browser is all you need to access the full range of parameters in the OEM controller via LAN. The second-generation CM100 controller modules are fully updateable, meaning that additional features can be subsequently implemented in the existing hardware. Future enhancements, such as improvements to edge steepness or advanced monitoring features, are simply uploaded into your existing AMTRON devices via the Web interface without having to disassemble and recalibrate the units!

The CM100 controller modules belong to the very few on the market to offer optional water cooling. The return flow from the laser cooling is sufficient to supply the controller modules. This means that annoying noises, air turbulence, thermal imbalance and dust deposition are things of the past.

The optional integrated TEC control for high-precision regulation of external Peltier cooling systems with polarity reversal (heating, cooling) rounds off the features on offer from the mini diode controllers.