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Compact laser system LS 412

The LS412 is a compact unit combining a laser-diode controller and processing laser which supplies laser powers of up to 700 W at a wavelength of 808, 940 or 980 nm. The LS412 simply plugs in to the electricity supply, and a suitable (optical) fiber forms the connection to the laser head.

The LS412 is accommodated in a 19" housing of just 4 HU (height units). The device is water cooled and of low-maintenance operation. Simple tap water can be used for cooling. The laser's temperature is monitored to protect valuable laser diodes. Upon request, Amtron can supply the necessary cooling aggregates or complex rack systems with built-in cooling aggregates.

Its integrated construction makes the LS412 particularly easy to operate. The machining of materials with laser beams is now feasible for small-series manufacturing, for repairs, or for mobile deployment by the customer.

pplications include the welding and structuring of plastics, soldering, welding, hardening, and the heating of fine metals or ceramics.
Optimal process monitoring and control is available when the LS412 is combined with an SE200 series pyrometer or a PM200 series power sensor.