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High-current pulser CS 400 with 30kW pulse power

The CS-400 series of high-current pulsers from Amtron GmbH opens the way to new applications that require very high laser power in extremely sharply-defined time windows. New developments in laser-diode drivers provide pulsed power of 30kW with an operating voltage of 100 V and peak current of 300 A. The rising and falling edges of the current profile are shorter than 1 s, enabling the devices to bundle a maximum of energy with extreme precision.

The advantages in the view of Amtron Managing Director Hubert Aehling: "The new Amtron devices combine several parameters that are vital for high-energy pulsers:  For example, high peak current values with simultaneous high operating voltages in very short pulses in rapid succession. These new devices are fully resistant to short circuiting and open-circuit operation. They can handle the hot plugging of the power supply while operating, and they are of industrial strength. These devices open up entirely new levels of performance for applications in research and development and in industry." Surfaces and objects can be illuminated by high-energy laser pulses, for example as a type of "flash bulb" for high-speed photography in industrial processes.

For years the laser controllers from Amtron have been known for their practicality. Various pulse forms can be selected for modeling the current profile to match the application precisely. Other matured functions for laser protection and laser monitoring ensure that AMTRON systems operate safely and reliably.