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Power sensors Series PM200 and PM100

Laser-power control directly at the point of processing

The effective power of a laser at the point of processing is a vital factor in machining and in medical technology. Power levels must remain constant to achieve results of consistently high quality. However, a problem with laser diodes is that they tend to change their rating over time:
There is a decline in the relationship between supplied current and the power yield; efficiency at the point of processing drops.

With the performance sensors from the PM 200 and SE 110 series, laser performance at the point of processing can now be gauged far more effectively: 

Sensor type Power
Aperture Dimensions
Wavelength Connector
PM 219 100 W* 200 W 19 mm 50/50/60 0,2 - 11m CAT5
PM 225 300 W* 400 W 25 mm 80/80/100 0,2 - 11m CAT5
PM 112 400 W - 12 mm Ø 31,5/16,9 0,8 - 1m CAT5

* CW power is quoted for a maximum irradiation of 2 minutes. In combination with a series CS 400 laser diode controller, irradiation is automatically interrupted after a maximum of 15 seconds.